About the FE High School Demo

FrontEdge High School is not a real high school. It was created by the folks at FrontEdge.com, proprietors of SchoolFront.com, an online school management solution that includes a student information system (SIS), school community portal and content management system that supports teacher / classroom / activity pages, and parent relationship management (PRM) solution.

This model high school portal is designed to demonstrate the power of the FrontEdge Inc.'s solution to the challenge of school operations, communication, and information management.


The FrontEdge High Model School Portal

The FrontEdge Inc. model High School Portal was created with four goals in mind. These goals guided the design and development of this website, and guide the continuous evolution of the FrontEdge High School model SchoolFrontSM Portal Solution:our goals

  • To demonstrate the power of the SchoolFrontSM solution.

  • To attract the interest of schools and districts seeking a practical solution to operations, communication, and information management.

  • To make it easy for the representatives of interested schools and districts to contact us and tell us what you need and want.

  • To inspire excitement and encourage brainstorming from our new and existing customer schools and districts as we design, develop, and support their SchoolFrontSM solution.


The SchoolFront.com Team from FrontEdge Inc.

The SchoolFrontSM Team believes that strategically integrated technology empowers school communities to better operate and perform across all stakeholder groups (e.g. teachers, parents, students, administration, counselors and mentors).

The SchoolFrontSM role is to support school community empowerment by providing cost-effective online tools that allow for the real-time management, maintenance, and exchange of secure school and student information between users on a software system that is accessible from any Internet-connected computer.