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FE High Extracurricular Activities

Athletics Programs

FrontEdge High School has fantastic athletics programs. Students have the opportunity to participate in:

  • soccer

  • martial arts

  • football

  • baseball

  • softball

  • field hockey

  • cross country running

  • ice hockey

  • cheerleading

  • gymnastics

  • volleyball

  • track and field

  • swimming


The FrontEdge High School Athletics Hall of Fame provides a means of recognizing the best of FrontEdge High School athletes.

Student Clubs & Organizations

student council votingFrontEdge High School clubs and organizations meet during free blocks of time during the school day, after the academic day or on school grounds during the evening.

There are opportunities for students of all interests to find a group of like-minded peers with whom to work and socialize.

Music & Theater Arts

FrontEdge High School offers a full range of music classes and private lessons for attending students.

Volunteering Opportunities Edit

Volunteering has a meaningful, positive effect on your community. It can have many benefits for you, too. Find out about volunteering opportunities in FrontEdge High and in your community. Get involved!