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FE High School Admissions

Step 1: Application

apply for admission online

To apply your child for admission to FrontEdge High School, complete the Application for Admission and return it to us with a non-refundable $50 application fee (fee waived for applicants that apply online with the form below or who schedule an in-person visit to our facility with an interview).

Please fill out the form, or mail your completed application and fee to:

FrontEdge High School

Office of Admissions

21 Vick Park B

Rochester, NY 14616

  • Click here to complete the application for admission online.

teacher recommendation and transcriptStep 2: Transcript and Teacher Recommendations

To help us understand your child, we require an official transcript and teacher recommendations from his or her current school.

Please instruct teachers and administrators from your child's current school to send complete original transcripts to the FrontEdge High School Admissions Office (see mailing address above).

Step 3: Schedule a Visit

It is important for new students and parents to experience FrontEdge High School before making the decision to enroll so we require that each applicant visit the school and interview with administrators, teachers, and students.  

FrontEdge High requires academic testing for applying students. We include this testing in the student's visit day (outlined below) to make the Admissions process easier for everyone.

  • Click here to schedule a campus visit with interview and academic testing online.

financial aid and tuition support

Step 4: Apply for Financial Aid (Optional)

FrontEdge High School offers strong financial aid and scholarship programs, making our independent educational experience affordable and accessible to families seeking an excellent school for their children.

During the school year, we distributed more than two million dollars of financial aid. \\