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Ms. Lynn McKusker

Instructor of Visual Arts & Department Chairperson

Located in Room #203

Student Gallery

  • Brianna Molly: Watercolor Flowers
  • Dana Coran: Darson's Meadow in Acrylic
  • Daniel Teegue: Sports Trip (Oil on Canvas)
  • Dillan Bley: Self-Portrait, Oil on Canvas
  • Jacob Toner: Fall Falling, Acrylic
  • James Gearan: Watercolor Waves of Win
  • Mary Leery: Ink and Acrylic
  • Tina Steves Photograph - Hands Belong to Mary Tyler

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Images from Photography and Sculpture Collaboration

Here are 3 examples of project outputs from the photography and sculpture independent study I discussed in an earlier blog post:

Sculpture: Marion Bradley
Photographer: Travis Meyer

Sculpture: Harris Langley
Photographer: Lawrence Piers

Sculpture: Daria Makowski
Photographer: Brit Tandem
egg lady


I'll be posting more in the future as student independent study work emerges from this project.

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Sculpture and Photography Students Collaborate, Genius Ensues

I returned from maternity leave in January and it's wonderful to be back in school with the incredibly talented and creative students at FrontEdge High School. While out, when not changing diapers and bouncing my bundle of joy, I had time to think about all of the things I wanted to do when I got back. I spent a good amount of time perusing the work of Andy Goldsworthy, a British sculptor and photographer, who creates and photographs "land art" in natural and urban settings.

Here are some links to his work:

I was inspired by his work and wanted to share this creative force with my students. I initiated a new special independent study group of part sculpting students and part photography students to work together to create art worthy of photographic capture, and photos worthy of acclaim. The results are striking.

Pictures to come...

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